Gf Vip, the entry of Tommaso Stanzani becomes a yellow. And he announces a tour with “a singer”

Still rumors about the names of new competitors who will enter the house of GF Vip. Now, check the name of Tommaso Stanzani which seems to have done the audition. It is not yet known whether or not he will enter, but most likely no. The scoop started yesterday with the new episode of Casa Chi, su Instagram. In the Friday appointment there are the classics goodies of gossip and, among these, there was also talk of the possibility to see Tommaso Zorzi’s boyfriend in the House.

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During the episode, the journalist Gabriele Parpiglia has denial the voices according to which they should come in former tronists or former tempters at GF Vip 6, perhaps referring to Giulia Cavaglià and Giulio Raselli. That said, the reporter has unveiled that Tommaso Stanzani has been contacted: the audition at the GF Vip should be certainty, but not its entrance.

Parpiglia said he does not know if Stanzani’s audition will be successful or not, but most likely he will not enter the GF Vip. And the reason is clear from the last post on the profile of the dancer: «Today I had a special meeting … I can only tell you that I’m about to go on a tour, I will dance for one of the singers mentioned Italy it is prouder abroad and I am in seventh heaven ».

At the moment, it is not known who is the singer with whom Tommaso Stanzani will start on tour. So it’s hard to think about his entry into the house. Tommaso may have auditioned for the GF Vip and, despite this, have chosen the tour with the singer. Maybe the proposal came in a second moment compared to the audition and therefore he preferred the dance. Or, the other hypothesis is that he chose the tour following the “no” of the GF Vip.

Last updated: Saturday 27 November 2021, 13:43