GFVip, Alfonso Signorini and the scar on his eye: “They beat me”

Alfonso Signorini tells why he has one scar on the left side of his eye. Alfonso Signorini, host of GFVip, revealed in an editorial on “Who” that he “got” it while selling encyclopedias door to door.

Alfonso Signorini (Instagram)

GFVip, Alfonso Signorini and the scar on the eye

Alfonso Signorini he told the genesis of his scar left eye. The fact, as Chi recounted in an editorial from his week, goes back to when, while attending university, he was selling encyclopedias door-to-door to raise some extra money: “I started by selling encyclopedias door-to-door. I was studying at university and private lessons weren’t enough to make ends meet, so I started. I was taught to play attacking: “When the door opens, half the work is already done. Then smile and start talking. Don’t be discouraged if you hear that they don’t want anything or aren’t interested, just talk in bursts. If in the end the door is still open, it’s done ”. I was good enough. Even if there was no shortage of accidents along the way ».

Alfonso Signorini (Instagram)

One day, in fact, an incident occurred: «In a suburb north of Milan, a guy in a tank top opened the door for me and stopped me immediately. “I have no children. What should I do with your encyclopedia? “. I went on talking as I used to do: “The encyclopedia opens the mind, makes us better …”. Impatient, the guy with the tank top at one point, grabbed the volume of the encyclopedia that I had put in his hand, threw it in my face: “You don’t give me the ignorant, do you understand?”. Even today on the left side of my eye there is clearly visible scar of the wound of that distant day and, every time I notice it, I caress it because it reminds me of the hard period of my life, without which I would not have reached where I am ».

The scar had beneficial effects on the work of Alfonso Signorini: “Since then I started selling a lot of encyclopedias. People, pitied by the bandage I had on my face and by the stories that I invented every time, put one hand on their heart and another on their wallet and bought that it was a pleasure “.

Last updated: Wednesday 12 January 2022, 17:39