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Right in the spookiest season of the year, Halloween, it seems like the perfect setting to bring horror stories to the big screen. Among ghosts, demons and monsters, this era would be incomplete without someone to investigate and hunt down some entities. Who are you going to call? Sure, the Ghostbusters. Nowadays nostalgia drives everything, and it has become the most profitable element in the entertainment industry.

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And we can’t talk about nostalgia without remembering the classic from the eighties The Ghostbusters – 97% starring, masterfully, by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold ramis and Ernie Hudson, with the special participation of Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver. The impact of that film, in which the protagonists faced dangerous specters, has been such that until today they are still valid, even its main theme is difficult to forget and is part of the collective imagination.

In 2016 an attempt was made to bring a modern version starring the most charismatic women in current comedy, however, despite having positive reviews, the audience response was not the best. Later a second attempt to return to the concept of the original Ghostbusters would be confirmed, but now with a youthful cast that would have some connection to the 1984 film.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife – 82%, from Jason Reitman It already has a critical rating and will soon be released and is going to start its way at some film festivals. But now that some specialists have had the opportunity to see the tape, they have already begun to share their opinions about it. Could it be that the film manages to be at the level of the former? The film will star Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things – 96%), Mckenna Grace, Carrie Coon and Paul Rudd, but it will also feature the epic return of the original cast. From the first reactions, there were already those who applauded the film, assuring that it was faithful to the original in addition to being described as a sincere film.

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You can then witness what the review says, keeping in mind that as more reviews emerge, your 82% rating can go up or down.

Courtney Howard on IndieWire:

Innovation is key, and until the climax, the filmmakers offer a fairly creative and slightly entertaining product.

Christian Holub on THAT ONE:

Here are some jokes – Paul Rudd brings a bit of levity to the proceedings like the children’s science teacher, Mr. Grooberson, but it’s hard to escape the general feeling of, well, an exhumed corpse. The tone is generally quite severe.

Peter Debruge on Variety:

… the new movie aims to revive things, serving to deepen the 1984 blockbuster mythology by focusing on the separated grandchildren of one of the original Ghostbusters.

Pete Hammond on Deadline:

Perhaps the real star here is Jason Reitman, who, like Phoebe, rediscovers and reinvents his own family film legacy and in doing so provides a warm, fun, exciting, nostalgic, emotional, and totally winning return to the sheer joy of that classic from. 1984 to do something that also seems very new in every way.

Tim Grierson on Screen Daily:

… despite a winning performance by Mckenna Grace as a clever preteen diving into the ghost business, Afterlife rarely feels like anything more than a cheeky attempt to get audiences to reinvest in a blockbuster from the past.

Sheri Linden is The Hollywood Reporter:

As a franchise update, origin story, coming-of-age film, comedy and indulgent visual effects extravaganza, the feature film, written by the director and Gil Kenan (Monster House), hits all its marks.

David Crow on Den of Geek:

Because like the sequel to the quintessential legacy, The Force Awakens, Afterlife is a movie where you’ve already seen the main plot once, and it was more exciting (and creepy) the first time.

Rosie Knight on IGN:

Director Jason Reitman makes his father and fans proud with a fun, sweet, and spooky family movie that proudly embraces the Ghostbusters legacy, while introducing something exciting and new. It helps that Mckenna Grace is the kind of talent that only appears once in a generation: charming, authentic, and the beating heart of this movie. Prepare to fall in love with the Ghostbusters again.

Sean O’Connell on Cinemablend:

McKenna Grace delivers the standout performance in this new group. Once you figure out which character from the original Ghostbusters he’s channeling, his precise gestures, calculated sense of humor, and smarter than most demeanor ties directly into the unique atmosphere of the first two films. Grace is confident and funny, stubborn and practical. If the franchise wanted to move forward with it in a leading role, I would say that we are in good hands.


Afterlife draws its energies directly from the openly reverent Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2015, which is strange because Ghostbusters has always been an irreverent comedy about falling into business in 1980s New York. But for a series of Movies worried about death, Ghostbusters: Afterlife bears witness to a rebirth.

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