Girlband Dreamgirls Color the Music World in Early 2022 : Okezone Celebrity

GIRLBAND Dreamgirls got rich again in early 2022. They released their newest music video for their second single, Silverstar.

Likee & VALF chose songs with 80s English nuances, modern disco genre and a way to more easily interact with Gen Z today. The song is packaged in English with the hope that it will be worldwide.

“This song is one way to more easily interact with Gen Z today,” said Dreamgirl Producer Andrew Darmoko of VALF Records.

Andrew explained, although identical to the atmosphere of the 80s, the concept display of the members of this girl group is still packaged with a contemporary style. There is also a cheerful choreography to make it even more exciting.

Lady, the leader of Dreamgirls took full part in creating Silverstar’s choreography. He was very happy because he was able to entertain his loyal fans again.

“Anyway, we prepared songs and choreography that want to make you dance! We hope the audience will be entertained and enjoy our new persona,” said Lady.

Likee Indonesia’s Head of Partnership, Jason Franjaya, appreciated the work of this music group. According to him, many Indonesian children are talented in the world of music like this.

“This is a bold step taken to realize the effort to provide opportunities for content creators to become famous stars,” he added.

For information, Dreamgirls is the first Indonesian girl group from social media. The personnel consists of five talented girls, namely Lady Jasmine, Aura Zakkaha, Salwa Andhara, Kenenza Davelynne, and Haura Lathifa.

The girl group was formed thanks to the “Likee Star idol” contest held by a leading short video creation platform. Of the thousands of participants who want to take part in the “Likee Star Idol Season 3” contest, there are five Dreamgirls who were chosen to debut, becoming the first idol group in Indonesia to debut through social media platforms.