Give Bad Comments About Aunt, Crazy Rich Surabaya Sentil Vanessa Angel’s Cousin: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Entrepreneur Tom Limwafa aka Crazy Rich Surabaya also responded to inappropriate comments about Aunt Ardiansyah who came from cousins Vanessa Angel. The figure named Tya revealed a rift in the household between the actress and her husband.

Tya even mentioned Vanessa want to divorce Aunt before she dies. He even mentioned the father of one child who was never seen working. Hearing this, Crazy Rich Surabaya was furious and called it slander because it was not based on facts.


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“A statement that is not based on data will become slander. And this statement can widen the problem. And involve many innocent people,” wrote Crazy Rich Surabaya on Instagram, quoted Sunday (11/28/2021).

“Speak wisely. I am Auntie’s best friend, and many men out there are clearly offended by statements like this,” he added.

Furthermore, Crazy Rich Surabaya said that Vanessa Angel’s cousin did not know the definition of entrepreneur. Then he explained a little about entrepreneurs who don’t have to always come to the office.

“It can be said that Ms. has not understood the definition of an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur does not have to work continuously in the office. Networking or meeting people cannot be said to be ‘going out’. Everyone has a purpose,” he added.

In connection with this, Tom emphasized that entrepreneurs can expand their network by going outside the city to the country for cooperation.

Not to forget, she reminded the late Vanessa Angel’s cousin to keep her word. According to him, Indonesia is a state of law so what is said/done can be held accountable.

“This is Indonesia, a state of law. Your mouth is your tiger, who spreads fire, is ready to turn into charcoal,” he explained.