Go through a check-up at the hospital, the development of Tukul Arowana Makes Doctors Happy : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Presenter Arowana hammer undergo check up at the National Brain Center Hospital (PON Hospital), Cawang, East Jakarta, today, Tuesday (26/10/2021). After undergoing surgery for a brain haemorrhage, his health is considered to continue to improve.

“After Mas Tukul check up at the PON Hospital with doctor Arif, Alhamdulillah he is getting healthier day by day. The results of the lungs, kidneys, blood, everything,” said Rizki Kimon, the manager in the Cipete area, South Jakarta.


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According to Kimon, the positive results from Tukul’s medical examination also made the doctors who treated him happy. The 58-year-old man showed significant development.

“The result of meeting the doctor, the doctor was also happy. Because treatment at home made (Tukul’s condition) better day by day,” he added.

Tukul was asked to do a check-up once every month. Doctors from PON Hospital can come directly to Tukul’s house or vice versa, he who visited the hospital.

During the healing period at this house, Tukul also routinely underwent a series of therapies. Although it is said that it will take a long time, but little by little, the progress of his recovery is increasingly visible.

“One of the factors that Mas Tukul can recover from these therapies. Physiotherapy, occupational, and speech. So it must be routine, every day there are 3 therapies,” said Kimon.

As previously reported, Tukul has been treated at the Cawang National Brain Center (PON) Hospital, East Jakarta since September 23. The presenter had hypertension which caused a blood vessel to burst in the brain.

The medical team then decided to immediately perform surgery. After undergoing intensive treatment, Tukul was allowed to go home from the hospital on October 16 last.