Got a Role in Raden Kian Santang, Jonathan Frizzy and Ririn Confess This to Suheil: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The number 1 colossal soap opera in Indonesia is currently getting newcomers, and it’s no joke that they brought in Barry Prima, a senior actor who has been in the colossal series for a long time, who will play Prabu Sorandaka. Then there is Jonathan Frizzy (Ijonk) and Ririn Dwi Ariyanti who are newcomers to the world of colossal series.

They will play the roles of Cakradewa and Anggarahini, how will their future be? Keep watching Raden Kian Santang the New Crown of Pajajaran Every day at 21.00 WIB only on MNCTV.

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“We are very happy to be able to play a role in this colossal soap opera, and this is a new experience for us,” Ijonk and Ririn confided.

The presence of a senior figure at Raden Kian Santang made Ijonk and Ririn pour their hearts out during the MNCTV Instagram live this afternoon (25/8), they told how happy and respectful they were to Barry Prima “he is a very good and funny person, I will learn a lot. I also used to watch a lot of old Barry uncle films, just an honor to be able to share a scene with him,” said Ijonk.

“He is a legend in my opinion,” continued Ririn to the figure of Barry Prima.

Suheil also answered questions from min-C about Barry Prima “if you want to learn fighting, go to uncle Barry, his kicks are cool, his acting is good” said Suheil.

As a leak of their work in Raden Kian Santang, the kingdom of Salakapura is led by Prabu Sorandaka, played by Barry Prima and the kingdom of Karang Kendang. The Salakapura troops were led by his valiant senopati, Cakradewa whose supernatural powers were equivalent to that of Siliwangi, assisted by his lover named Anggrahini, a graceful and powerful female warrior. This couple has a curse, Chakradewa can’t touch Anggrahini if ​​Chakradewa touches him he will die.

Watch Raden Kian Santang the New Crown of Pajajaran Every day at 21.00 WIB only on MNCTV.