‘Halloween Kills’: Jamie Lee Curtis Confesses That A ‘Ghostbusters’ Actor Is The Best Kissing

One of the scream queens par excellence, Jamie Lee Curtis, protagonist of ‘Halloween Kills’, revealed that one of the actors of ‘Ghostbusters’ is the best kissing on the screen, who will it be?

Sleepless nights and nightmares are back thanks to Halloween Kills, the second installment of the franchise directed by David Gordon Green Which brings back the masked maniac, Michael Myers, already the scream queen par excellence, Jamie Lee Curtis, who throughout his career, in addition to cries for help, has shared romantic moments with celebrities such as Dan Aykroyd, protagonist of Ghostbusters, who stole a sigh when they shared an on-screen kiss back in 1983.

The Oscar-nominated actor has worked with the daughter of Janet Leigh on several occasions, but it was in From beggar to millionaire where Curtis played Ophelia, a young prostitute who repeatedly kissed Louis Winthorpe III, the character of Aykroyd.

Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis kissing in ‘From Beggar to Millionaire’.

Years later, they met again in the classic 90s, My first kiss, where they again starred in a sweet romance and shared a couple of kisses in front of cameras. And after bringing these characters to life, Jamie Lee Curtis revealed that Dan Aykroyd is the actor “who kisses the best on screen.”

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Aykroyd turned out to be the best on-screen kisser for the also star of A crazy friday O True Lies. Perhaps it is an unexpected turn, since Aykroyd has never been characterized as precisely a heartthrob in the cinema, but it seems that he has his tricks up his sleeve. Good there, Dan!

And how to forget this classic 90s in ‘My first kiss’, where yes, they also kissed.

Do not forget that Halloween Kills it is already in cinemas in our country, which is why we tell you if it is necessary to see all the films of this franchise to enter the new installment directed by David Gordon Green.