Halloween Kills: The Franchise Is Never Going To End, Jamie Lee Curtis Believes

Halloween Kills returns to terrify the screens, and Jamie Lee Curtis returned to the timeless themes of the first film as well as those discussed in this opus.

Like the various murderous silhouettes that haunted the imagination of the 80s, the Michael Myers ofHalloween, the night of masks has been tossed about by many headwinds, caught in the storm of greed of the producers. Suddenly more suites (Halloween III: Blood of the Sorcerer) or less (Halloween 5: Michael Myers’ Revenge) successful, Myers quickly became his own caricature. The highlight of the show is undoubtedly the climax ofHalloween : Resurrection with Busta Rhymes slaying Myers based on kung fu holds.

In 2007, the reboot and its sequel, both directed by Rob Zombie, had the merit of restoring all his charcler dignity to Michael Myers, in addition to an interesting origin, a thousand places from that of Carpenter. And in 2018, the duo David Gordon Green and Danny McBride in turn restarted the saga with a Halloween as a direct sequel to the very first film, thus skipping the semi-trailer of failed episodes.

But business remains the master, and following the cardboard of Halloween 2018 (more than 255 million at the box-offie), a trilogy was quickly ordered, with Halloween Kills in October 2021 and Halloween Ends in October 2022 – and the near promise that it won’t be over after that.

At the microphone of Cinema Blend, Jamie Lee Curtis spoke about the continued fascination of the saga, and its phenomenal success after several decades:

That’s the multi-million dollar question. Several hundred million dollars. John Carpenter and Debra Hill [scénariste d’Halloween, la nuit des masques et fidéle de Carpenter, ndlr] have managed to create something that is both Evil and Pure Good. They explored an idea that irrigated the opera, theater, Literature, cinema since people know how to use words. The idea of ​​good and evil […] From there, the idea of ​​pure evil and the most obvious representation of good, a virgin babysitter, a young girl with dreams of romance and a heart full of kindness. Somewhere, it is the simplicity of this meeting between Good and Evil one Halloween night in 1978 at HaddonField, Illinois, which made its longevity. It’s a theme that never dies. “

Holy Trinity of Trouble

If the themes of Halloween are eternal, the first part of David Gordon Green as well as his successor Halloween Kills are also inspired by the upheavals of their time. So, if Laurie Strode has reason to be angry, this time it’s the entire town of Haddonfield that could rise up against Michael Myers:

In the 2018 version, we could see Laurie as the true personification of trauma. It was in keeping with the times, when the MeToo movement was at its peak. To be, you have a film about a woman traumatized for almost 40 years who intends to recover from it. It resonated with what was happening on a larger scale. And in the second part of the trilogy, we ask the question,What would happen if the rest of town got angry too?”. We made the movie and the uprising that started when people took to the streets, he arrived right in the period when we were supposed to release our film. Who speaks of the violence of crowds […]

When you train to lead a vengeful mob

In a way, by a kind of intuitive understanding, they [les scénaristes David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, Scott Teems, ndlr] came to understand that the stage after the trauma, it was anger. They wrote a movie about mass violence, and five months later the masses began to gather. The movie was supposed to be released about a year ago. Then January 6 camethe movie was supposed to be released in October of last year and there we watched the crowds invade Washington. This is what the new opus is about : the town of Haddonfield, all these people who were victims of Michael Myers. There is a group of people who are very angry with the authorities and who intend to make the law themselves..”

Halloween Kills has been heralded as a more violent and raging episode, and the prospect of a manhunt with Michael Myers thrills us greatly. This new opus should arrive on our screens on October 20, 2021. But if you’re in too much of a hurry, take a dose of fear (and laughter) with Malignant, the new completely goofy James Wan.