Happy Jennifer Jill is Free, Adjunct Officer: No More Hugging Guling : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The soap opera Adjunct Officer told about the state of his household after his wife, Jennifer Jill, was free from a narcotics abuse case. According to him, the adaptation process when he returned with his wife was quite difficult.

However, Ajun is happy that Jennifer can accompany him at home again. While joking, Stefan William’s bandmate was able to hug his wife again, not just bolster again.

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“Suddenly my wife doesn’t hug me anymore,” said Ajun when he was met in the South Jakarta area recently.

Because they were separated for a long time, Ajun needed to adjust again when dealing with his wife. Just like when they got married first.

“The adaptation is pretty good until the feeling comes back like yesterday we got married. It’s also not bad that it’s only been a month since I clicked again. I just clicked again for a month,” said Ajun.

Ajun and Jennifer chose a special way of getting closer. They usually chat in bed before going to bed.

In addition, the two of them introspect each other and plan something for their wedding to be even better in the future.

“The approach is more intimate, just deep talk on the bed, in the room. Introspection of each other, what kind of 2022 do we want,” said the Adjunct Officer.

“Yes, of course it takes time. Only now it’s clicked again,” he continued.

As is known, Jennifer Jill was arrested by the West Jakarta Metro Police on February 16, 2021. She was then detained at the Polda Metro Jaya detention center, then transferred to the Lido BNN rehabilitation center and officially released on 16 August 2021.