Happy News, Ramon Y. Tungka Officially Releases Widower Status : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actor Ramon Y. Tungka bring good news. After divorcing from Qory Sandioriva in 2018, the actor finally officially released his widower status by marrying a woman named Cisya.

The moment was uploaded by the School Endnotes actor through his personal Instagram account, on December 9, 2021. Ramon looked relaxed in khaki pants with a matching colored jacket, cowboy hat, and shoes. boots.

While the wife wore a white kebaya combined with batik cloth and boots. Her hair was left loose. “Happiness is enjoying the simplicity and simplicity of celebrating life in every process to pick up old age,” he said.

In the actor’s dream, he can enjoy a married life where he can relax sitting on the terrace of the house with a sarong and listening to records. “Accompanied by the sound of turtledoves while sipping black coffee and fried bananas.”

Discussing while throwing smart jokes with his wife is also something that Ramon Y. Tungka misses in his married life. In a different upload, the actor also poses with his only son, Ganesha Tashi Tungka.

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The happy news from the father of one child then received congratulations from a series of fellow artists. “Congratulations Ramon, forever in love,” said actress and model Catherine Wilson in the comments.

Ramon Y. Tungka and wife, Cisya. (Photo: Instagram/@cisya)

Meanwhile, Nadine Chandrawinata said, “Congratulations. Finally.” Anneke Jodie also gave a similar congratulation that read, “Wow, congrats. Be happy forever.” Congratulations to Ramon Y Tungka and wife.*

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