Harry Potter Faces A New Controversy

After the strong statements of Katie Lung, Harry Potter faces a new scandal after the new statements of a member of the cast.

Since it came to the cinema, Harry Potter became one of the most important sagas in cinema. In this way, the years go by but the franchise continues to be a great success. However, it appears that not all of the cast members had such a great time filming the movies. An actress revealed a sad reality that she had to live.

Jessie Cave He appeared in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth film in the Warner Bros franchise, and has since started playing Lavender Brown. In a recent interview with People, the 34-year-old UK actress made some confessions that no one knew about. “I gained a lot of weight after doing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince just because I wasn’t starving. And I was growing up and that’s what happens. They treated me like a different species. It was horrible. It was probably more me and my insecurity, knowing that I was not adjusting to the same size of jeans, but it was not a time when actresses were larger than a size eight, “he said.

The bad moment of the actress

“In the previous movie he had been, and now he was a size 12. That was horrible. It was a really uncomfortable experience. And since then, it has given me weird problems with weight and work. And it’s so screwed up, but that’s the way it is. Women have to deal with it all the time, ”revealed the Harry Potter actress.

This is not the first time that a member of the Harry Potter cast has recounted something that happened on the set, and that no one knew about. Katie Leung confessed that she discovered the racist attacks she received when she read some pages managed by fans: “At one point I went to Google and came across a website dedicated to the Harry Potter fandom. I remember reading all the comments. And, yeah, there was a lot of racist shit. “

The worst thing about this situation was when a Warner Bros studio publicist advised him not to publicize these attacks during interviews: “I remember them saying to me, ‘Oh look Katie, we haven’t seen these, these websites that people are talking about.’ And you know, if they ask you that, just say that it is, say that it is not true, say that it is not happening ”.