Having a Baby Girl, Aurel Hermanysah: Pregnant Ganjen : Okezone Celebrity

AUREL Hermansyah feel more and more ganjen and like to make up in her pregnancy this time. Moreover, she is rumored to be carrying a baby girl in her womb.

The charm of Aurel who is pregnant with a baby girl is a netizen conversation. The eldest daughter of Anang Hermansyah and Krisdayanti (KD) is considered to look more beautiful and has a more radiant aura than usual.

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This can be seen from his portrait after holding a gender reveal event. In the portrait uploaded on Instagram, Aurel looks very beautiful in a light blue dress studded with shimmer. Perfecting her appearance, this 22-year-old woman combined it with a soft pink hijab.

Meanwhile, her makeup also makes Aurel’s beauty shine even more. “Bumil ganjen ..” said Aurel Hermansyah quoted from his Instagram, Monday (30/8/2021).

Suddenly, Aurel’s upload was flooded with thousands of netizens’ praise. Many also congratulated her on her pregnancy, and wished her delivery went smoothly.

“Masha Allah pregnant women are so beautiful,” said netizens in the comments column.

“Being pregnant, the more beautiful,” said another.

“Aahhh, the mother is beautiful … how will the baby be,” another commented.

“Pregnant women are really beautiful.. it’s a good baby girl.. because Mama Nur is very beautiful,” praised netizens.

As is known, Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar recently held a ‘Gender Reveal’ event. In this event, they announced the gender of their baby.

“Masha Allah!! It’s a girl,” said Aurel on Saturday, August 28, 2021.