‘Hawkeye’: Jeremy Renner’s Series Relationship With The Movie ‘Ant-Man’ That You Should Have Noticed In Episode Three

The new chapter of ‘Hawkeye’ turned out to be very short and revealing, at the same time, by the illusion of seeing the hero in the future as we know him in the comic and exploring the origin of his dangerous arsenal. About it, we show you something remarkable.

The new episode of Hawkeye, exclusive series Disney Plus, left us very stung. At last, in the room, he and his mentor Swordsman (Tony Dalton) will meet! It was about time, a lot of blah, blah, blah, and little action between these two old acquaintances. Meanwhile, Jonathan Igla’s series continued with world exploration after Thanos snap (Josh Brolin) and one of the collaterals concerns Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and the arsenal he uses as Avenger.

We saw the goalkeeper and his young ward, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), escape the Sports Mafia and their first confrontation with Echo (Alaqua Cox), the leader of this criminal and multicultural organization, who helps her little boss find the Ronin who killed his father. During the chase, the two shooters escape aboard a truck and the teenager needs to repel the enemy’s attacks with the arrows of his idol, whose manufacture was finally revealed.

In the MCU, before the passing of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Hawkeye obtained from Stark Industries what he needed for battle. And he may still retain the technology to do so, however now he went back to comic book origins to show that part of their array of arrows come directly from Hank Pym’s company (Michael Douglas), Pym Particles, and surely you noticed it in the close up towards the tip of one of them.

Does a ‘Daredevil’ villain appear in ‘Hawkeye’ chapter 3?

This connects directly to Hawkeye with the development of Ant-Man and Ant-Man and The Wasp, as we know and remember that Hank created the Pym particles to alter the size of things, the same function performed in shooter arrows to enlarge and shrink. In the episode, he uses it to magnify an ordinary little arrow and drive it into the truck where Echo and his henchmen are chasing them.

Marvel Comics

This is the vignette honored in the series.

This only lets us think that Barton could have some cameo or participation in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, as they have never directly explained their relationship on screenYes, in the comics, where both characters are part of the first lineups of The Avengers. Tremendous couple of tributes and references to the classic cartoons, not just those of Matt Fraction and David Aha, which inspired this miniseries.

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Use an arrow with Pym particles.

Throughout this scene, Bishop discovers such rare arrows, such as plasticine, acid, explosive and arrest, existing in the canon of comics. In addition to getting help from Hank and Tony, Clint manages to create his own artillery and the trick arrows make him a dangerous superhero. In addition to the aforementioned, there is the dangerous sonic arrow, which causes his deafness; smoke, gas, flare, suction cup, electric, boomerang; even materials such as vibranium and adamantium, for specific enemies. Don’t miss the rest of the Hawkeye chapters in just in Disney Plus.