‘Hawkeye’: The Marvel Series For Disney + Already Has A Release Date And Its First Look Reunites (at Last) Clint Barton With Kate Bishop

Are you stuffed with Marvel Studios series after chaining ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’, ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Y ‘Loki’ with hardly a moment of respite? If this is your case, I’m sorry, because the people of Disney + refuse to leave us without our share of cathodic superheroes, and are already beginning to show some other details about ‘Hawkeye’, the series centered on Hawkeye.

Archers gathered

Through an exclusive of Entertainment Weekly, we have finally been able to take a proper first look at the pair of Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and Hailee Stenfield’s Kate Bishop; a duo of archers condemned to understand each other, about whose relationship the actor who gives life to the Avenger with the best aim of the supergroup has spoken.

“Kate is a 22 year old girl, and she is a huge Hawkeye fan. She has a tremendously annoying attitude and at the same time charming, because she is a Hawkeye fangirl. Their relationship grows from this point, but Clint’s biggest problem is Kate Bishop and the barrage of problems she brings into his life. ”

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But the teacher-apprentice dynamics of Stenfield and Renner’s characters jumped from screen to real life; and it is that good old Jeremy served as a guide to the actress in her landing in the MCU and in this model of productions.

“That was always my role. Beyond playing on the show, I was protecting her and giving her ‘CliffsNotes’ about how things work in these types of shoots: Green screens, life as a superhero, all those things. I just wanted to protect her. , because there is a lot of physical work. She is a wonderful actress, and an exceptional human being, and I can’t wait to see all the cool things that she is capable of. “

At the moment, we know little about a ‘Hawkeye’ that has already confirmed a first-rate cast that will include people of the stature of Florence Pugh, Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Alaqua Cox, Zahn McClarnon y Tony Dalton. The series, which began shooting in November last year, stars Jonathan Igla – ‘Mad Men’ – as head writer and the next one will be released November 24 on Disney +.