“He didn’t ask me to stop dancing”

Giovanna Civitillo responds to criticism from the social network: “Amadeus he didn’t ask me to stop dancing ». Giovanna Civitillo, wife of the conductor of the Sanremo Festival, was overwhelmed by criticism after a sentence said during an interview granted to Mara Venier: «After having met Amadeus – he explained – my television career is over ».

Giovanna Civitillo and the criticism after the interview

Giovanna Civitillo during an interview with “Sunday InHad talked about his career in show business after the birth of love with Amadeus: «After having met Amadeus – he explained to Mara Venier – my television career is over. At the time I was part of the dance corps of several television networks, from Mediaset to Rai (…) I don’t regret anything, because my dream was to start a beautiful family and I did it. Amadeus and my son Josè are the meaning of my life ».

Giovanna Civitillo and Amadeus (Instagram)

There was no lack of criticism on the social network and Giovanna, from the account she shares with her husband, she decided to reply: «… Someone misunderstood my words on Domenica In – she wrote in a post on Instagram – or maybe I didn’t explain myself well. (… when my son was born I had already stopped dancing) ».

Giovanna Civitillo she explained that she had simply changed her priorities: “After having realized my dream as a dancer, my priorities have simply changed. I chose to dedicate myself to something else, to enjoy the beauty that was happening to me in private. Happy, determined and with no regrets! Never give up on making your dreams come true, you can be a wife, mother, and career woman, but above all you must be FREE TO CHOOSE! ».

Last updated: Friday 14 January 2022, 19:05