he goes on a rampage. His reaction

Alex Belli reacts following the decision of Delia Duran to leave him. The new tenant of the Big Brother Vip had an emotional breakdown after seeing a fan plane of the couple formed by her husband and Soleil. So, encouraged by the other competitors, she said she wanted to put a stop to this story. Belli wrote on social media and commented on Casa Chi.

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GFVip, the reaction of Alex Belli

“To this day I tell you that I have never, ever had doubts about our Love, but loving each other also means leaving us free, and perhaps this is what kept us indissolubly united … therefore my Love listens to your heart and is free to think and make your choices and I will follow you in Good and in Evil !! “, wrote Alex Belli on Instagram after recalling the night in Piazza Duomo in which their love story began.

GFVip by Delia Duran and Alex Belli

«I invite Delia – explained to Casa Chi – to stop because everything that comes in as information from a plane, from a tweet, is partial information. I invite you to reflect on whether this is really what you want … She relies on a f ** k plane sent by fans to decide to end a three-year romance. So it is I who tell you: “Delia, reconnect you too but with the brain”. You have not understood anything of the relationship I have with Soleil, the ‘troppia’ has nothing to do with it. What if I don’t want to go inside the house and get it back? Of course, I would go there now, I would break the door to get back in and I hope I am given the chance. I repeat, she has to go slowly and she has to talk to Soleil and not to the others who put things in her head. That stuff over there isn’t good for her and I knew it. It’s hard for me to win her back by being outside. It is a utopia. Delia is in a loop and cannot understand how I could have established a brain connection, so strong with Soleil “.

Last updated: Wednesday 19 January 2022, 11:51