“He is unable to love”

And it was a kiss. After weeks he spent studying each other from afar and wooing each other in the house of the Big Brother Vip, Biagio D’Anelli e Miriana Trevisan they finally kissed. After having declared to his friend Alessandro Basciano that he was attracted by the showgirl for his intelligence and his ability to stand up to him, the Vippone of the GF VIP he could not resist any longer and let himself go to passionate effusions with the roommate of the reality show.

The kiss between Biagio D’Anelli and Miriana Trevisan

Last night, during Jessica’s birthday party, Biagio and Miriana they appeared closer than ever and eventually gave in to kissing and caressing each other on the notes of 80’s pieces, then remaining embraced all evening like two teenagers. Immediately after the fateful kiss, Trevisan declared that she felt free and serene: «You have brought me freedom and joy, an extra boost. I am happy that we are living in the moment and that you finally say that I am exposing myself. I am very happy that we have overcome the misunderstandings ». For his part, Biagio D’Anelli replied: «Yesterday I analyzed many things and I had the certainty on your part. I’ve closed some mental journeys that I had in mind and now I’m fine. Now I have the confirmation that I want to see you outside ».

Biagio D’Anelli’s promises of love to Miriana Trevisan

On the wave of passion, the columnist indulged in important statements that portend a sequel to his love story with Miriana Trevisan even outside the GF VIP. «I really love you Miriana. Do you understand that out of here I want to hang out with you? I care so much. I want you to stay close to me in reality ». Words that have not fallen on deaf ears, at least among the public, which has a fair number of ex-girlfriends of the competitor. Among these the former showgirl Manuela Ferrara, who in a letter to the weekly DiPiù revealed: «Biagio D’Anelli is not the right man for any of us. He has never been able to love. Instead, he has always been very capable of betraying ».

Manuela Ferrara’s warning to Miriana Trevisan.

The former Tg4 meteorina then wanted to contact directly Miriana Trevisan: «Dear Miriana, you must know that Biagio is a man who has made all the women he has been with suffer and if you decide to continue dating him sooner or later he will make you suffer too. Leave him”. Who knows if the gieffina will be influenced by these statements or will prefer to continue living her story in real life.

Last updated: Monday 27 December 2021, 4:07 pm