He told her THAT at the Grammys


March 19, 2021 – 9:38 am Clock

Video is freaking out the online community

Who doesn’t know this unpleasant situation: Years after a relationship that didn’t end well, you suddenly meet your ex-partner again. Unpleasant moment, you don’t know what to say and want to run away – right? Well, apparently not if you’re Taylor Swift, 31 and Harry Styles, 27. A video has now appeared on the web that shows the two ex-partners chatting backstage at this year’s Grammy Awards. You can’t hear what the two are talking, but fans have now deciphered what Harry said to Taylor based on the lip movements.

Harry Styles: “It was nice to see you!”

In 2012 the two musicians dated, later a nasty mud battle was fought in song lyricism. And today? The bad blood seems to have been forgotten. Seemingly relaxed, Harry and Taylor, accompanied by their new partner Joe Alwyn, talk to each other at the Grammys. A picture that leaves the fans in ecstasy. “That’s all I think about for the rest of my life and what I’ll dream of,” tweeted one fan. And dedicated fans have also deciphered what the two probably discussed with each other. So at the end of the conversation Harry should say to Taylor: “Well, it was nice to see you!” And Taylor’s friend Joe also gets a few nice words from Harry, who then even pats him briefly on the arm.

This exclusive backstage moment wasn’t the only one that touched the heart. When Harry Styles received the award for “Best Pop Solo Performance” for his song “Watermelon Sugar”, Taylor Swift was apparently one of the first people to get up from her chair with an appreciative clap. It’s nice that the two of them get along so well again today.

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Harry Styles also has a new partner today

Even if Harry Styles has not yet made it official, it has been clear since their visit together at a wedding that the singer is dating actress Olivia Wilde (37). Most recently, photos showed how the 37-year-old moves into Harry’s mansion in Los Angeles with a bag and baggage. The mother of two apparently did not accompany her lover to the Grammys.