Heidi Klum Insures One Leg Worth IDR 28 Billion : Okezone Celebrity

THE ANGELS – Singer Taylor Swift isn’t the only Hollywood artist to have her feet insured. Model Heidi Klum even known to insure one of his legs worth USD2 million (Rp28.7 billion).

But to Ellen DeGeneres, he clarified the news. He said the insurance did not come out of his own pocket but the company that hired him. The German-blooded model also confirmed that the other leg was insured more expensive than the other.

“It’s more expensive because when I was little I had an accident that left a very big wound on my leg. Right now I spray a lot of liquid tanning, so you can’t see the scars,” he said, quoted from People, Wednesday (19/1/2022).

However, in 2017, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel admitted to insuring her legs which are her main assets as a catwalk model. The right leg is worth $1.2 million (Rp17.22 billion), while the left is only $1 million (Rp14.35 billion) due to the scar.

Like Heidi Klum, Playboy model Holly Madison also insured her breasts for USD 1 million or equivalent to Rp. 14.35 billion.

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Holly Madison to Fox News said, “So if something happens to my boobs, I’ll only be miserable for a few months. But after that, I’ll be a millionaire.”

Heidi Klum. (Photo: Instagram/@heidiklum)

A number of other celebrities are known to do the same. Like Madonna who insured her breasts for $2 million, Miley Cyrus’ tongue for $1 million, Mariah Carey had her voice insured for $35 million, and Kim Kardashian’s butt for $21 million.*

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