“Hellbound”, the new Korean series which could dethrone “Squid Game” on Netflix

With its terrifying creatures and its mystical-dramatic concept, the South Korean series “Hellbound” has dominated the Netflix rankings since its release.

Since the dazzling “Squid Game”, Korean series have been popular. Evidenced by the recent success of “Hellbound”, which has dominated the Netflix rankings since its release on Friday, November 19. The story takes place in Seoul as creatures are tasked with sending some people straight to hell. For some, they are sent from God. Others wish to investigate their real origin.

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An adaptation under influences

“Hellbound” is directed by Yeon Sang-ho, who also wrote the webtoon (digital comic) from which it is adapted. In 2016, he directed “Last train to Busan”, a successful zombie film in which he already put Man in front of supernatural creatures.

The director revives the nihilistic atmosphere of the best Korean thrillers such as “Old Boy” by Park Chan-wook or the works of Oscar winner Bong Joon-ho. The work, subversive, is also inspired by “Death Note”, a manga considered as cult which already raised the question of death, of Man and of God. The trailer sets the tone for the series, showing – again – how a company can quickly fall apart.