Henry Cavill, From Hero To Hero: “You Can Be Very Masculine And Very Sensitive At The Same Time”

Although there are those who affirm that meeting some of the regulars on the lists of beautiful and wanted is usually disappointing, it must be recognized that compared to the British Henry Cavill (Saint Helier, 1983) one is aware of being one of the most I bet it has ever been seen.

Taller than he seems, it is not surprising that he has developed the bulk of his career in action cinema, although the dimple that he has had to do so much for his career and the perfect smile that he wears, should turn him into meat. romantic comedy without much delay.


Cavill considers himself an expert in video games, which motivated him to pursue the role of Geralt of Rivia in ‘The Witcher’

He receives Magazine Lifestyle with the exquisite cordiality of a boy from a good family. His mother accompanies him in many of his appearances and is his “wonder woman, a sensational lady, extraordinarily strong, but soft when it comes to telling you what you don’t want to hear and of extraordinary generosity”.

To his father, a stockbroker, he owes his “love of fantasy and science fiction literature and video games”, a field in which he considers himself a true expert. That was what motivated him to pursue the role of the legendary Geralt of Rivia from the video game. The Witcher, now turned into a Netflix television phenomenon: “He has me so entertained that I even see the memes that are made about him on the networks, because they are especially funny.”

Henri Cavill en ‘The Witcher’

Katalin Vermes

He is a really charismatic character. To what extent is it reflected in it? What do they share?

The truth is that it is difficult to compare yourself with such extraordinary characters from such fantastic worlds, but we tend to identify with them. We feel a certain familiarity that becomes more important when they are well written or portrayed; we all like to investigate what we might have in common. In my case, I share the nomadic life with him. I am always up and down with my bags. Him, with his horse from one place to another, and I think there is something else in common; that we have friends all over the world, which is essential because they help you make everything easier when you have to choose this lifestyle that ends up affecting you.

When you are from one place to another… Do you have time to attend to those friends you value so much?

I try. Close friends are not a very large group; It happens to me like most people in that sense. But then there is the one of the acquaintances who is older and in which surely there are people with whom an important friendship could be forged, but for whom the moment has not come because of this coming and going to which I was referring. Friends often end up becoming a kind of family, as in the series when Geralt returns to the place where he grew up to spend time with the magician who took care of him and trained him when he was a child. I really like showing on screen how these two men love each other; you can be very masculine and very sensitive at the same time; real men generally are.

Fantasy always saves us; It is essential in every moment of life, but in this particular moment, even more so

Do you think that desire to belong, to a related group, to a family, even to a country, defines human beings?

Most, but not all. Some people hate being part of any group. That is the fascinating thing about people, that each one comes from where they come and goes where they are going. No two beings are the same and it is wonderful to be able to explore all those differences, especially if you are an actor. But the importance of social networks at this time shows us how we tend to group together; to give rein to that need to belong. We are tribal beings for whom twinning is very important, even with people with whom, a priori, you would not have much to do. But I insist, there are those who need it, I think the majority, and there are those who do not.

We live in an era very different from what we knew. How does fantasy fit into all this?

Fantasy always saves us; It is essential in every moment of life, but in this particular moment, even more so. It can be used as evasion and its role has been key during the time that the health crisis has kept us at home, but, in many respects, fantastic stories show lessons for life if they are good and written from a point of view interesting and if they have characters to admire, because you agree with their way of seeing things, or to hate if not. It allows you to confront opinions. On the other hand, although they can be easily related to this highly digitized world in which we live, with that culture so focused on the Internet that we carry it with us all day, fantasy, which is unique to each of us, supposes an air fresh on a day-to-day basis. You have to take advantage of it. It seems to me a very refreshing and healthy way of proceeding.

Henry Cavill played a memorable Superman, worthy of the great Christopher Reeve

He plays a wise expert in handling inexhaustible crises. What worries you about the world today?

Respect. For me it is the most important thing. Everything that makes up life depends on our own perspective on things, but also on that of others who do not have to coincide as they do most of the time. But you have to respect it; we have to make the effort to put ourselves in the place of others. I think that you can come from different social classes, have different lifestyles, different priorities and still be united human beings, if that respect is there. On the other hand, neutrality also exists. There is no reason to have an opinion on everything, or to constantly take sides in each and every aspect of life that you encounter every day. I am in favor of reflection in all senses, and of being very clear that, when you position yourself before something, you have to take into account the consequences.

Henri Cavill plays an enigmatic and secretive character in'Mission Impossible Fallout'

Henri Cavill plays an enigmatic and secretive character in ‘Mission Impossible Fallout’


A man of action

He says he is waiting for the Shakespeare that he played so much as a child in theater classes at the school where he studied on the island of Jersey, in the English Channel, where he was born and raised, but he is aware that this is not the time. Cavill has led his own career since in 2003 his good performance made him skip the ladder, making his direct debut as the protagonist of “Laguna”, one of gangsters, and starting one of the most brilliant careers in recent times. Five years later, as Henry VIII’s best friend in The Tudors, managed to focus on him the eyes of the industry that first wanted to turn him into the new Bond – now it wants him again -, then into the classic hero Theseus, into the attractive Immortals and later in a Superman capable of living up to the remembered Christopher Reeve, a role he has played on several occasions. Action comedy UNCLE operation, his participation in the Mission Impossible saga and the popular The Witcher They have made him one of the most sought-after actors of the moment. And it adds up and goes on.

David Bowie said that we can all be heroes even for one day. What is your place right now?

The heroes are in the street, on a day-to-day basis. Each of us should be the hero of our history in that effort to try to understand the world and others, with their different perspectives. I think that’s the key word: understand. Heroes, whether in the realm of fantasy or in the real world, are referents, but they don’t have to be perfect, or in one piece. Hero is now the one who seeks to understand the next person and tries to make the other feel as comfortable as possible. Hero is the one who strives not to polarize.

You have taken a true master’s degree in heroics in a career that began 20 years ago. Are you satisfied?

In general, yes. I am happy, but there is much more to do, achieve and tell. I hope that one day I can produce a story that I am passionate about and get into it and tell it from my point of view. Find the nuances and details and be able to present it for the public’s enjoyment. That also has its heroic point (laughs). It’s quite a feat to get all of that and do it right. As long as I am young and able to carry a sword I am going to focus on this and hope that everything else follows.

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