«Here are how many houses I have, I like to live well. I want to die enjoyed “

Gianluca Vacchi always manages to to talk about himself. Although there are those who hate him and those who love him, thebusiness owner, influencer e dj is one of the most followed on social networks and it often ends up in the spotlight. Just like in this case with the release of his docufilm «vacchi much more» in streaming su PrimeVideowhich promises to unveil the less social part and more private than the man Gianluca. In interviews and on the web, however, he flaunts and shows his privileges, attracting criticism.

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In many accuse him to be born very rich and to have lived until today spending his father’s moneybut in the last interview with Corriere della sera, Gianluca Vacchi wanted to clarify: “Even if noI don’t care about criticismit was time to clear up misunderstanding. My equity is a hundred times that that my father left me. The family business, the Havehas grown up with my generation, under the management of my cousin. Another one joke is that the family turned me away from management: I walked away because I don’t know how to be a manager. I wanted to be an entrepreneur, to become rich. I say this without shame: at twenty it is a legitimate dream. I created other companies, but always setting the work on delegation: it is important for me to have time to live as I want“. And he has plenty of time to enjoy life and has been showing it for years on social networks.

Precisely for this reason it calls itself “mister Enjoy»And on social networks, including Instagram and TikTok, has a following of over 40 million followers. Gianluca Vacchi defines himself as a “adult never grown up», Who built an image and an empire with social media:« In the beginning I forbade the phone to friends at dinner. In 2013, observing some figures who have become models, I realized that social networks would become the new mass communication convention and single. I thought that by showing my life I could be an inspiration to someone. I thought I was not suited for these things, but you never have to say ‘I know myself, it’s not for me’. It also happened to me with TikTok ». She was the companion, Sharon Fonseca 27 years oldto get him to sign up and his videos and posts made it one of the most followed characters in the world.

If in his docufilm Gianluca Vacchi shows his most intimate part, at the antipodes from the ostentatious one on social media made up of luxury and lightheartedness. His mega villa in Bolognaof more than 2 thousand square meters, has “all possible games: and sports Hall; a Spa that perhaps a hotel does not have it that does it for a living; a dance club; a track forhelicopter; the longest private zip line in Europe “. To offer an exclusive experience to his friendsVacchi has even brought sand from the desert to create a safari area with lodges, which make guests feel like they are in Kenya: “When a friend comes to me, it must be a magical moment, must want to return. I like to live well. In Bologna, they say ‘I want to die enjoyed’ ».

The entrepreneur has revealed that he has recently started the construction of a residence from 1200 square metersmore thousand of terracesin Sardinia and who will take the name of his daughter, Blu Jerusalem: «There will be a field from padel, disco, two lodges with suites, 15 rooms. I do jobs for almost 15 million euros. I hope to live long enough to see my daughter understand the privileges she has. ‘

But not only. The house in Miami: «It will be there home of Blu’s formative years»- boats, airplanes and a fleet of luxury cars (and motorbikes) to rival Cristiano Ronaldo. Symbols of a wealth that also passes from everyday life. Vacchi plays padel four hours a day; sleeps in one iperbaric room and makes frozen tubs to rejuvenate body and mind. But she also spends a lot of time with her daughter, Blu Jerusalema, who inherits a huge fortune from her father. The entrepreneur has done and will do everything, but one of his dreams is addressed to his daughter: “I would like you to say one day: ‘My father was a great man. And most importantly, it was a great father».

Last updated: Thursday 26 May 2022, 18:23