“He’s an actor,” Signorini must intervene

GF Vip, Montano’s fury against Alex Belli: «He is an actor», Signorini must intervene. The sixteenth episode opens with the clash between the two alpha males of the house. After the episode last Monday, the spirits have not subsided, quite the contrary.

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The quarrel between Aldo Montano and Alex Belli which broke out last Monday in the episode continued throughout the week inside the house of the Big Brother Vip. A bit tipsy Alex Belli said heavy words against Montano, first speaking with Gianmaria then making a fiery confessional against the athlete, who he did not appreciate and since then has not wanted to speak to him anymore.

Even last Tuesday morning while Belli with sunglasses and sly tries to ignore it, Montano comes dangerously close and almost loses his temper, slapping Alex on the arms. Miriana intervenes to divide them.

Alfonso Signorini puts them face to face during the sixteenth episode. “I wanted to apologize for my over-the-top behavior on Tuesday morning – explains Aldo Montano live – not just you but my children and my family. It all started with a drunken night of Alex and Gianmaria and then the confessional. Before I looked at them you had to come to me. If you had come directly to me it would not have happened and as a loyal man you do not throw up things in the confessional».

Alex and Aldo come dangerously close and talk over each other

«If I find out that my dearest friend in here tells me that I am Katia’s runner – replica Alex Belli – I feel bad. Aldino you have a straw tail, you who profess fair play wanted to lead me, you waited tonight to speak. I’ve been waiting for your apology for four days».

The quarrel continues, finally Alfonso manages to interrupt them, Montano comes dangerously close “He’s an actor, I made my apologies to Alex just for Tuesday morning, I don’t do “Hi Man!”».

«This week we’ve been apart I’m heartbroken, but he had four days to apologize, even the most ferocious boxers come down from the ring and talk to each other», «But they don’t do shit or stab you in the back»Concludes Montano.

Last updated: Friday 5 November 2021, 11:30 pm