his alleged killer will surrender

This is rather unusual information.

On November 17, rapper Young Dolph was shot and murdered outside a cookie store. Another tragic and violent death in the history of the US rap game, which deprives the city of Memphis of one of its most active and generous citizens. A real loss for the inhabitants of the hood of this city, many of whom attended events organized by Dolph during the holiday season in particular. But the investigation into his death, when it was believed to be completed, has just taken an unexpected turn.

Indeed, the rapper Straight Dropp had been accused of being the murderer for a few days. But after the Memphis Police issued a Wanted Notice for the suspect, the latter communicated via Instagram revealing that he himself intended to go to the police on Monday to clarify all this, while claiming his innocence and saying he’ll be back before we have time to blink. We obviously hope that this story will be quickly clarified.

This news is important because the two rappers were described as quite close, since Straight Dropp was signed to the same label as Young Dolph, Paper Route Empire, and no one likes traitor stories. But suddenly, we wonder about the directions taken by the investigation, because almost two months after the assassination of Dolph, the police did not communicate that they had other leads on this matter.