his house in Italy goes up in flames

Moments of fear for the sister of Tom Hanks. For years an Italian citizen, Sandra Hanks she lives in Polcenigo, Pordenone, and just a few kilometers from the Friulian capital in the night between Monday and Tuesday she found herself involved in a home accident that could have cost her her life.

What happened to Sandra Hanks

The actor’s sister, who has been in Italy since 2016 with her husband Kevin Boy, last night saw an imposing flare up in her country house fire. Immediately alerted to the firefighters, the rescuers reached the house in a few minutes, in time to put out the flames and avert the worst.

According to the reconstructions of the firefighters of Pordenone to originate thefire it was a short circuit in the laundry room, where the presence of the appliances could have been fatal for Sandra Hanks and her husband Kevin. Fortunately, everything turned out for the best, as the actor’s sister told us on Facebook.

“I learned a long time ago to never say that things can’t get worse than this – began Sandra Hanks, still shaken by what happened -. Last night I got a confirmation. Kevin and I are fine, but we no longer have heating, hot water and the house is a mess. The firefighters were great … they came right away, they did a good job and they were very nice … and our neighbors, they were great as always! Now we have to understand what we have to do ».

The couple moved to Italy five years ago, after having lived for a long time in the Seychelles islands, where Sandra’s then boyfriend worked as a manager in the casino and gambling industry. Tired of that life, they decided to move to Polcenigo on the advice of a friend and in 2017, right in the small Friulian town, Sandra and Kevin got married. For them that country house means too much to think about giving it up because of a fire. It will take time, but they will rebuild it.

Last updated: Thursday 16 December 2021, 07:47