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A “Squid Game” star switches sides: In the action thriller “Midnight”, spiced up with slasher elements, Wi Ha-joon terrorizes a Seoul neighborhood. Anyone who has missed this highly exciting insider tip can now catch up on it in the home cinema.

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Is it a slasher that turns the idea behind “Don’t Breathe” inside out and after a blind man now focuses on a deaf woman? Or is it a gripping action thriller that manages to use an entire city as its setting while still creating claustrophobic tension? When the South Korean insider tip “Midnight” was mentioned at a FILMSTARTS conference, this was exactly the question that came up. It doesn’t matter whether this is a serial killer horror thriller or a nocturnal, claustrophobic actioner.

Then at its core, Midnight is a nail-biting game of cat-and-mouse between a killer and his intended target. What “Squid Game” fans will also be interested in: Cop actor Wi Ha-joon switches to the other side of the law here and plays a bloodthirsty villain role. Despite his involvement, ‘Midnight’ has been largely overlooked – but thanks to its recent home theater release, there’s hope that’s beginning to change:

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In addition to the standard DVD and Blu-ray, a limited media book has also been released. This collector’s edition of the latest film from producer Hyun-woo Kim, who is also responsible for the legendary brutal thriller “I Saw The Devil”, includes the DVD and Blu-ray of “Midnight” as well as a 16-page booklet with numerous information about the film.

“Midnight”: You can’t scream for help

The call center employee Kyung-Mi (Ki-Joo Jin) already has to put up with some nasty things at her workplace – because hardly anyone takes the deaf young woman seriously. But the hatred in the office is a bed of roses against the terror she has to go through one night: she is targeted by the serial killer Do-sik (Wi Ha-joon) – and despite the help of her mother (Hae-Yeon Gil) she does not succeed to convince the police of the seriousness of the situation. Even the good-natured policeman Jong Tak (Park Hoon) repeatedly lets himself be dissuaded from the case…

Although director and screenwriter Oh-Seung Kwon is a novice, he has managed to create a flawlessly polished suspense film with “Midnight”.: It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the fast-paced chase passages, in which we get a feeling for the vastness of Seoul while Kyung-Mi is fleeing the serial killer, and an atmosphere of hopelessness is created… Or in the nerve-racking horror thriller passages, in which the constant The impression prevails that the murderer could jump into the picture at any time and stab him… Oh-Seung Kwon always lets us root for his immensely charming protagonist – and thus brings his audience closer to life as a deaf-mute.

From little gadgets that allow Kyung-Mi to drive a car, to everyday snags like not being able to hear threats suddenly coming around corners, to workplace bullying: “Midnight” embeds Kyung-Mi’s life situation seamlessly into the thriller plot, so that both elements strengthen each other in an exciting way. “Midnight” is such a #meToo/#TimesUp movie without chewing it to its audience:

Since the heroine, impressively played by Ki-Joo Jin, literally cannot ask for help because hardly anyone understands sign language, she lacks the opportunity to make herself heard. Oh-Seung Kwon takes advantage of this fact to show the helplessness of women with “Midnight”. Unfortunately, some people invent excuses for a guy with killer eyes much quicker than thinking that a woman has something urgent to say to him. “Midnight” is first and foremost straight, electrifying, high-voltage cinema from South Korea – but also a clever film with a message!

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