Horror series “All of Us Are Dead” overtakes other Netflix series

South Korean horror series All of Us Are Dead took the world by storm. It is now more successful than other Netflix series.

In the zombie series „All of Us Are Dead“ a group of students has to defend themselves against a bunch of undead, because the zombie apocalypse has just started in their school. The South Korean horror series, which has been running on Netflix since the end of January, turned out to be another success for the streaming service after “Squid Game” caused international enthusiasm.

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As ComicBook.com reports, “All of Us Are Dead” is a real hit, especially when compared to other Netflix series. In the first 28 days, the horror series was meanwhile worldwide above 536 million hours looked at for a long time. This makes it the 3rd most successful non-English language series, only surpassed by Season 4 of Squid Game and Money Heist. If you include all of the Netflix Originals, All of Us Are Dead is on after all Platz 6 and could even jump to number 5. Many a series highlight awaits you for the rest of the year:

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“All of Us Are Dead” has already overtaken these Netflix series

Before the Korean zombie series are only the first seasons of “The Witcher” and “Bridgerton”, as well as the third season of “Stranger Things” and as already mentioned “Money Heist” and of course “Squid Game”. She has long overtaken series such as “Dead Girls Don’t Lie”, “You” and “Sex Education”. Thus, “All of Us Are Dead” is the second series from South Korea to celebrate great international success. Quite an impressive feat given that there is a huge cultural difference between South Korea and western countries.

Fans will of course be wondering if All of Us Are Dead Season 2 is coming. Netflix hasn’t commissioned any new episodes yet, but with such massive success, nothing should stand in the way of continuing the series. Director Lee Jae-kyoo also wishes for new episodes in which he can continue telling the story from a new perspective. Until then, viewers will have to be patient.

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