Hunted: William Friedkin’s Angry Rambo With Benicio Del Toro Against Tommy Lee Jones

Often compared to the first Rambo, Stalked, by William Friedkin with Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones, is more than a copy of the action film starring Sylvester Stallone.

Became one of the big names in American cinema with French Connection, The Exorcist, The Convoy of Fear Where Los Angeles Federal Police, William Friedkin a ensuite experienced a desert crossing in the 90s, chaining the disappointments and the average movies and TV movies like La Nurse, Blue Chips, Jade, Jailbreakers then Hell of duty (his remake of 12 Angry Men in 1997 being the exception).

While some considered the filmmaker to be finished, overwhelmed, he then realized Stalked and 2003 et proved he still had the resource and kept all his aggressiveness in a tense and violent action movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro. Upon its release, the feature film was immediately associated with the first Rambo for their similarities, but the film directed by William Friedkin is much wilder and more radical than its predecessor.

Go ahead, say again that I’m like Rambo, you’ll see


Between dark survival, psychological thriller and brutal action film, the storyline of Stalked nothing original and even gives the impression of being seen by its resemblance to other films of the genre, especially the first Rambo directed by Ted Kotcheff. As in Rambo, a former member of the Special Forces returns to the country traumatized by the war and returns to his warrior instinct by taking refuge in nature, and as in Rambo, his former instructor is called to arrest him and sets out to pursue him with the authorities.

Aaron Hallam (Benicio Del Toro), the former elite soldier haunted by his missions in Kosovo, looks like a modern John Rambo and the role of Colonel Trautman, his mentor, is held by LT Bonham (Tommy Lee Jones), a former Special Forces trainer who lives in seclusion in the middle of the Canadian forest and who then works with the FBI to find the one to whom he has taught everything.

And the analogy between the two characters is found even in the details: the code name of Rambo in Vietnam that Colonel Trautman uses to address him by radio is “Raven”, the same as Aaron’s in Kosovo.

And they have the same taste for dirty camouflage clothes

Much like the Vietnam veteran, Aaron uses what he’s been taught against those who seek him, sets up traps, and ambushes the forest. The sequence where he kills the two men looking for him directly evokes the one where Rambo injures the sheriff and the police officers who pursue him (and also the passage in the jungle in Rambo II), but the tension which emerges from the heavy silence and the anguish of the two hunters (or “cleaners”) in the face of this vegetation which surrounds them also and above all come closer to the first Predator.