“I can’t spoil you where I am.” But the fans understand everything, previews revealed

«Fedez can’t not spoil “, is one of the tweets that comment on the latest stories on Instagram of the husband of Chiara Ferragni in the study of Friends. The allusion is to what the singer did shortly before Sanremo Festival, when he accidentally played the song he would bring to the Ariston stage with Francesca Michielin violating the rules of the event. Today he posted pictures of a place that fans couldn’t fail to recognize. Revealed the previews of the next episode of the talent.

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Fedez to Amici, the spoiler

Fedez says he doesn’t want to spoil anything, but in fact he seems to be right in the most famous corridor and dance hall in Italy. With him also Alessandra Amoroso, who could be the other guest of the episode that was recorded today and which will be broadcast next week. Everything is published just as another episode of the program conducted by Maria De Filippi is broadcast apparently live.

Fedez to Amici, the spoiler

“I can’t spoil you where I am, maybe … but I can spoil the choreography I’m going to do,” joked the rapper. The confirmation that it was to Amici came when he published the story from a dance room: «I did an hour of rehearsals. Don’t joke a *** or raga “, then added” it will be beautiful “. Nothing escapes the social media people: “A special thanks to fedez who, exceptionally, has become today’s number 1 mole”. And again: «Fedez:“ I can’t tell where I am ”always him: he puts stories in the corridor and in the most famous hall in Italy with lots of recognizable dancers».

Last updated: Sunday 12 December 2021, 22:48