“I couldn’t even say hello to him”

She entered the Gf Vip house for only 4 days and immediately broke the balance. The new Vippo Patrizia Pellegrino already at the center of several squabbles with the other competitors has in the past few hours let herself go in a very touching story. In a confession with Manila Nazzaro, the new gieffina, spoke of the most painful moment of her life: the one in which she lost her son Riccardo, who died a few days after birth. Poignant words that the showgirl wanted to share with the former Miss Italy who, last year, experienced the same pain by losing the girl she was expecting from Lorenzo Amoruso. «The day I had to go and get him Pietro came in, I looked him in the eye and I understood everything immediately» confessed Patrizia, barely holding back her tears.

Gf Vip, Patrizia Pellegrino is the new Vippo: career, private life and illness

Patrizia Pellegrino, the story

«A friend of mine had given me a small bonsai. I had put it in the room. You know that bonsai hardly bloom. The day my husband told me that Riccardo was gone, guess what happened? It has bloomed! A huge, gorgeous white flower came out. It was he who greeted me. I couldn’t say hello or see him. He is my guardian angel. A little flower, he was there, as if to say mom i didn’t go away, i’m here for you. Now I live for my children and they are the most beautiful thing that God has given me. My successes. I feel such a lucky woman. I’m sorry, but when I talk about Riccardo I can’t help myself, like when you too talked about your baby. You had it in your stomach and then in an instant it was all over. You cuddle them, you feel them that they are already there and then suddenly… they are gone».

Last updated: Friday 26 November 2021, 11:16