“I didn’t understand, I woke up and …”

Rosmy first talks about the alleged flirtation with Marracash. Singer Rosmy some time ago it was suddenly described as the cause of the breakup between the rapper and then-girlfriend Elodie.

Marracash and Rosmy

Rosmy and the alleged flirtation with Marracash

Singer Rosmy first talks about her alleged flirtation with Marracash. When the rapper and the then girlfriend Elodie they were breaking up his name suddenly emerged from the world of gossip: «At that moment I didn’t understand – he revealed in an interview with“ FanPage ”- I woke up that morning and found myself millions of messages on the phone. I thought it would be over shortly, but the matter flared up and I started to worry. Gossip does not belong to me, it came like a punch in the stomach. I had a few days of bewilderment, initially I remained silent trying to figure out how to move. I felt in trouble because I know I don’t have the same weight as artists like Marracash and Elodie ».

Elodie and Marracash (Instagram)

She had replied with a sentence on the social network, “We will find out only by living”: “For me it was a way to respond to gossip. What I wrote evidently created a lot of movement around, I understand that it might sound allusive, but it only meant “the truth will come out, so we’ll see” … ».

Marracash e Rosmy they never met: «The truth is that I don’t know him. I often go to events where there are also rap artists, so it may be that we have crossed paths and this rumor has been circulated. We have never had direct contact, I have not the faintest idea why they associated me with him, maybe because like Elodie I am a singer, but I think it was coincidental. I tried to understand what the source of this gossip was, but to date it is still not clear to me ».

Rosmy (Instagram)

Last updated: Wednesday 24 November 2021, 17:33