“I gave $ 14 million to my friends. The bank security officers were shitting themselves “

George Clooney just named «Icon of the year», He goes back to talking about the episode that led him to gift one million dollars in cash to each of his 14 friends. In an interview with GQ, he recalled the anecdote related to that bank withdrawal which, certainly, did not go unnoticed. “Security officers of the bank they were shit I’m wearing».

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In a long interview, on the occasion of his nomination as “Icon of the Year”, the Hollywood star revealed the reasons that led him eight years ago to give a million dollars to each of his 14 friends.

“I was a single guy. I was 52 or something. We were all getting old. I thought: ‘All I have are these friends who in 35 years have helped me in one way or another. Without them I would have nothing of what I have. If you were hit by a bus, they would be all in the will. So why am I waiting to be hit by a bus? ” He had already been one of them, his business partner Verge Gerber, to speak in 2017 of the gesture of generosity of the Hollywood star, but now he himself remembers those moments.

Clooney said he had hired a van to pick up cash in Los Angeles, in a bank where he knew he would have the large sum of money at his disposal. He put a million dollars in each of the 14 briefcases that he had obtained: “The security officers were fucking him,” revealed George Clooney, explaining that he then gave meet friends at his home the next day.

Finally, the actor, in an operation that could recall one of his great successes: Ocean’s Eleven; he concluded by declaring: «I showed a map indicating all the places I was able to see thanks to them and I convinced them to accept that money».

Last updated: Thursday 30 September 2021, 11:41