“I have repented.” And she cries for Vito Coppola

A scene went viral. The moment when Arisa a X Factor he accused Simona to be fake with strong tones and offensive remained in history. This morning the singer was a guest on the program by Simona Ventura and Paola Perego, Citofonare Rai 2. Ha debuted weaving lodi to Simona Ventura and apologizing once again to her for that episode. The latter listened to hers guest with a smile, confirming that he has forgiven her.

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«I already asked you excuse me at the time and I was very young. Of this thing here I am so much repented over the years, ”said Arisa, explaining that she realized that there was nothing false in the Ventura, it was just a moment of tension. The two explained what had happened to Paola Perego and Arisa added: “I swear, I’m 39 now, that I met so many women on television and just as you say that I am one of the most beautiful voices, I tell you that you are one of the most true women, that you are slaughtered more, more series. I’ve never heard you speak anyone’s harm, in fact I never have you surprise to be not very loyal towards another woman or a colleague or another person, so even now I apologize and tell you that I love you very much “. At the end of the speech, Arisa and Simona Ventura are embrace and they both got excited, and then went on.

The argument is inevitable “Vito Coppola”, his partner in Dancing with whom a love story would be born and already finished. Simona asked her how important Vito was for the program, but Arisa misunderstood and replied: “Vito was very important because it gave me a motivation that I probably would not have found with another person. We had many traits in common, above all he has one purity and an attitude that is exceptional. He is a crazy teacher, he already is but over time he will be able to establish himself as a great professional even on TV. I wish him to break everything ». No mention of the love story, but the singer Lucana appeared very excited talking about her desire to have the love. While Perego was speaking, in fact, Arisa did not hold back tears. He asked if they were live, she cried and asked for a glass of water. Perego asked her if she wished not to talk about love, Arisa confirmed don’t want to talk about it.

Last updated: Sunday 16 January 2022, 4:19 pm