“I lost a son and discovered that my great love had another family”

Francesca Alotta is back on TV. To the Such and Which Show from Carlo Conti the singer is back on the television stage: her performance in the role of Emma she definitely convinced the audience, which led her to second place in the standings, tied with Deborah Johnson.

Francesca Alotta after the success it had in the 90s and participation in the Sanremo Festival returns to the limelight. Some time ago, the singer had released shocking statements a Come to me, broadcast conducted by Caterina Balivo. Many topics were addressed, including the loss of a child.

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Singer winner of the Sanremo Festival of 1992 alongside Aleandro Baldi with one of his most famous songs – Do not love me – she confessed to La Balivo telling of the loss of a child had by a man of which one was madly in love, only to discover that he had another family.

The singer from Palermo inherited the passion for the world of music from the family, precisely from his father Filippo, also a professional singer. Furthermore, during the years of childhood and adolescence, Alotta developed the awareness of wanting to work in the world of music. Before embarking on a career as a soloist he worked, however, as much as a backing vocalist, also supporting famous singers such as Mietta and working in some successful programs such as Domenica In. The nineties represented, for Francesca, a real success since with three albums to the credit has made itself known all over the world.

His songs, in fact, have been highly appreciated not only in Italy but also in Cuba and Japan. Now back to tread the television stage even if the pain, that for the loss of a child, Alotta has never been able to overcome it definitively.

Last updated: Saturday 18 September 2021, 13:34