“I speak and I’m serious”

Bianca Guaccero from the social network he comments on the rumors of a possible replacement at the helm of the program “No sooner said than done”, Which leads in the afternoon slot of RaiDue: «And now – he wrote in a post on Instagram – I speak and this time I do it seriously…».

Bianca Guaccero replaced to “Detto Fatto”, social fury for gossip rumors

Bianca Guaccero, tired of the rumors that have been circulating on the net for some time now, she comments on her hypothetical replacement for the management of “No sooner said than done”Causes low ratings. In a social post Bianca assured that the program “okay, it’s solid, and in terms of ratings it is absolutely in line with the network average”: “And now I’m talking – wrote the presenter on Instagram next to a photo of her – and this time I’m serious … in recent weeks I have really read everything on the net … false and pretentious news for which often the protagonists brought up, have written to me explaining their extraneousness to the facts … undue apologies given the “cheerful and imaginative pen “Of some journalists in a spasmodic search for the scoop … a research that most of the time ferries them to worlds that do not exist … you have written about everything … and this happens alas when you do not have valid arguments … since I have always exposed myself first line, I will not fail to do so also on this occasion ».

The program conducted by Bianca Guaccero he is in good health and has been close to viewers even during very difficult moments: “Our program is fine, it is solid, and in terms of ratings it is absolutely in line with the average of the network … unfortunately the continuous time changes do not allow us a constancy in terms of ratings, but in any case even in that case we always manage to have a growing curve. For which we thank you and will always thank you with all our hearts. What I ask you dear journalist friends is to give you peace, and stop taking it out on those who do their work with honesty and enthusiasm, and who did it above all to bring joy and lightness to the homes of Italians, in such a difficult time for the our planet. And we never stopped, even when we were afraid of our own shadow due to the pandemic. We have always found the courage and strength to go on, you know thanks to whom? Certainly not to you, who do not miss an opportunity to denigrate, but to the people who asked us for a little big hand! Because even a single smile today has three times its value … Instead of always writing “disastrous news” with equally sensational headlines, to get a few more “likes”, try to emphasize the good sometimes too … yes the good … and above all the truth… try to shift the point of view. And try to think for at least a second, that words have a weight … and that behind a program, there are so many people who work, there are so many stories, so many sensitivities. In our case a fantastic team, which I will always defend on the front line. I wish you a good day!!!”.

Last updated: Thursday 4 November 2021, 4:25 pm