“I victim of those who seemed in love with me.” What did he say

GF Vip, the drama of Valeria Marini: “I am the victim of those who seemed in love with me, only to become aggressive”. The stellar showgirl behind her cheerful and carefree temper hides a great pain, and lets herself go during the episode of Monday 10 January.

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(Courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office)

From her first violent love to a wrong marriage, Valeria Marini’s life has not only been stellar, but also full of pain. During the direct on Monday evening the showgirl accompanies by Alfonso Signorini opened by telling the difficulties of his life.

For Signorini the story is that the most marked Marini dates back to his own adolescence, Valeria doesn’t seem to want to talk about it (we talk about violence and “hands on” ed.), Then lets herself go: «I was very young, I was 16 and he was much older than me. My mother pulled me out of that thing, but it happened other times to stay victim of people who seemed to be in love with me, only to become aggressive. Perhaps because of my character, perhaps because I did not know how to defend myself, but lately I have learned to do so ».

Marini was once married to the entrepreneur Giovanni Cottone. A lightning wedding ended with the cancellation of the Sacra Rota: «The wedding was perfect, all impeccable except the bridegroom. The next day I already understood everything, he simply disappeared, he said he had to go on a trip. Unfortunately I fell into a trap tremendously and it was no coincidence that I had the cancellation of the Sacra Rota in four months ». «I believe in love – concludes Marini – I believe that there are people who know how to truly love you. I had experiences that marked me, then I got up and then relapsed and got up again “

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