“I want a child from you.” The love letter before entering the Gf Vip

For the couple Alex Belli-Delia Duran the time has not yet come to say goodbye to Big Brother Vip. One month after the expulsion of the gieffino, now it will be his wife’s turn to enter the most spied house in Italy and confront the former (?) Rival Soleil Sorge. While the model is preparing to take over from her partner, Alex Belli writes her a long one letter love.

After holding court on and off the reality show for weeks – a few days ago the romantic song dedicated to his Soleil -, Alex Belli changes flag again and this time turns to Delia Duran with words that have all the air of a promise of eternal love.

Alex Belli’s love letter to Delia Duran

«Dear Delia, and here we are – writes the former gieffino on the columns of Novella2000 -. You are the love of my life, the half that completes me. This whole journey was beautiful, exciting, full, it was truly lived. I know, it is difficult to make ourselves understood. I never stopped fighting for you, for our love. This is what we are, two warriors, two strong souls who need each other, and without you I am lost, and never as in this period away from your looks, from your balls, from your eyes that they look and reassure me, I understand how fundamental you are for my life, for my balance ».

Alex Belli’s desire to have a child

But it does not end there because in his love letter Alex Beli also declares that he feels ready to become a father and expresses the desire to soon be able to have a child with Delia Duran. «With this letter I want to express all my gratitude to you for who you are and for what a truly special woman she is. A woman who I want to be the mother of a little Belli, a child who will grow up in love, in our love ».

Delia Duran’s lawsuit

Words that seem to silence the doubts about a possible couple crisis due to the interference of Carlo Cuozzo, 24 years old from Naples. Founder of a social media marketing agency, the boy recently posted a video on Instagram in which he clarifies what happened in November between him and the Venezuelan showgirl.

Before Alex Belli was eliminated from the GF VIP, Delia Duran she had been paparazzi in Milan in intimate attitudes with him, claiming to have concocted everything to make her husband jealous. In the video interview, the boy claims instead that there was a more real feeling between them, a statement promptly denied by Duran, who through a story posted on Instagram threatens to sue him for having “seriously damaged my integrity and reputation”.

Last updated: Wednesday 29 December 2021, 14:06