“I was wrong, but the editorial staff knew everything”

Joel Milan breaks the silence after the expulsion from Men and women, broadcast yesterday on Canale 5. Maria De Filippi, without scenes, interrupted the throne of the boy who, to many, also seemed sincere after admitting the error of having agreed with his suitor Ilaria. The latter, on the other hand, of the suitor continued to exonerate herself until a rival suggested her to keep quiet.

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In an interview with Fanpage, the former tronist of Men and Women reiterated that he had not heard Ilaria through his friend and that that sentence during the dance was only one joke. Joele wasn’t going to do anything secretly, she added, and just wanted to test his suitor. Things that he tried to explain also in the episode, as we have seen, but he was in great difficulty because everyone attacked him. See you in television it was even worse, he says: “I’ve been a long time male, I’m not serene… Thanks to the people around me I was able to recover, but today when I saw the episode it was almost worse than when I lived it. Deep down I know I’ve never done anything with malice or ulterior motives. I knew that, as I am, the exposure in front of all of Italy would have massacred me emotionally. In fact, many people on social media attacked me ».

On the hostess, Joele pointed out that he was kicked out, indeed: “she was very understanding and stressed that she was normal that between two young boys can take that kind of attraction, he also took our side ». At least he felt understood by the presenter, but no one else around him held out his hand.

On the contrary, instead, by Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti: “Gianni and Tina? They have been tough. I understand that this is their role, but unfortunately if from the beginning of the program they have a preference for someone they always support it. If, on the other hand, they take you badly, they always have something to say. They remain fixed on their convictions and I immediately felt excluded ».

According to him, the video presentation followed by the attack of his ex-girlfriend played against him. Today that he was finally able to talk about this, Joele explained that he never had denied to have betrayed in turn and to have wrong, but nothing has been invented. Returning to Ilaria, the phrase about feeling was only one provocation, as he has already explained: “A mistake, a nonsense,” he admitted. And he added: «Nel post episode I had informed who followed me than I had reported to Ilaria. It wasn’t meant to be a covert agreement. I’m sorry because just for the plays a person has to be put in difficulty».

“My perception is that I have been considered a little less than the others “. He was well aware that he had the microphones on him, and above all that he had reported everything to the editorial board. «I admitted to the editorial staff and this shows that I never wanted to do the cunning».

«With Maria I would have liked to speak later because I got up without to greet, but at that moment I had just been massacred, I could have cried in front of everyone. I wanted to ask you personally excuse me for getting up without saying goodbye. In the end there was no chance, they told me they would tell her everything. When I spoke to the editorial team, they also asked me if I would be willing to get back into the game. I no longer wanted to have nothing to do, I would never return to the throne “

And when asked how and if he proceeds with Ilaria, Joele replies: “Ilaria and my friend have never written to each other, the first message came after elimination. He asked for mine number to find out how I was, but it all happened later. With Ilaria non we have more got to hear us. I have never denied that I liked her, but for now I have not thought of any, I have taken a period of respite. Maybe later, we’ll see. “

Last updated: Saturday 16 October 2021, 14:17