“I wasn’t the same as before …”

Alvise Rigo guest of “very true” from Silvia Toffanin his Channel 5. Alvise Rigo after an accident he had to abandon the world of rugby, to become first a model and then a protagonist of the small screen with his last appearance at “dancing with the Stars” from Milly Carlucci.

Alvise Rigo (Photo: Instagram)

Alvise Rigo guest of “Verissimo”

Alvise Rigo guest of “very true” from Silvia Toffanin his Channel 5. Alvise Rigo he had to leave the world of rugby due to an accident, to later become a model and protagonist of the small screen. As a child he was a victim of bullying: «Bullying – he explained – is a very big word, it creates distance between people and when you close you are no longer able to face the experiences. I was born small, I was teased a little and pushed aside but that gave me a boost. It was a bullying that was born and ended at school or in the field, luckily there were no social networks. I had very present parents, my mother was a physical education teacher. At one year I ran my first marathon with my father in a stroller, at three I made my debut on the ski slopes. My mom initially enrolled me in artistic gymnastics and I am grateful to her. Then I played football, swimming, I grew up and landed in rugby ».

Meanwhile he worked on various jobs: «I worked as a waiter at 16, then playing rugby I broke my ankle and they moved me to a pizzeria. Then bartenders, bouncers and at the Venice film exhibition I started being a driver. From there I had other experiences and I had the opportunity to work as a tour manager with big names with Kendall Jenner, Clint Eastwood, Carlo Verdone… ».

Alvise Rigo at “Dancing with the stars” (Photo: Instagram)

In 2018 a bad accident began to complicate his career as a rugby player: «I suffered a head-to-head impact. I fractured my frontal septum and had already broken my nose. I risked an operation called scalottamento and it is very complicated and dangerous. I was stopped for three months, I did several analyzes, then for another three I tried to return to the field I was no longer the same as before. After another 8 months I returned to the field and fractured my ankle again. I have decided to stop ».

Alvise Rigo she is currently single: «There was love, I had my experiences. It is a difficult period, I spent my quarantines alone looking for a good company .. In this moment, however, I am committed to my journey, in case something arrives I am ready, but it is a love that must complete me in a manner independent of my life “.

Last updated: Saturday 15 January 2022, 17:55