Idang Rasjidi’s Family Is Surprised That He Has Kidney Failure : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The late Idang Rasjidi apparently also suffered from kidney failure. But unfortunately, the disease was discovered too late by the family.

Shadu Rasjidi as the eldest son of the late Idang admitted that the family was too late to find out his father’s kidney failure.

Previously, Shadu admitted that his family only thought the late Idang had a heart problem.

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After receiving medical treatment at Azra Hospital, Bogor, West Java, the family was shocked to learn that the deceased Idang also had kidney problems.

“There was something in his heart, but the doctor said that he was breathing well, so what surprised us was that he had kidney failure all this time,” said Shadu Rasjidi at the TPU Kampung Kandang, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, Sunday (12/5/2021).

That said, the hospital was hesitant to perform dialysis on the late Idang. Shadu said the Azra Hospital was worried about the condition of his father’s heart when undergoing dialysis.

Sure enough, Idang’s heart condition was getting weaker. Shadu says his father’s breath was lost. As a result, the medical personnel immediately contacted his family.

Arriving at the hospital, Shadu admitted that his beloved father was already using a ventilator as a breathing apparatus.

“Well, we wanted to do dialysis at that time because there were indications of a heart. From the hospital, we didn’t dare because we were afraid that we weren’t strong. Finally, the next day we wanted an ultrasound of the heart,” he said again.

“The next day at half past 7 in the morning Papa disappeared, his breathing stopped, the hospital called us, we went to Azra Hospital, we arrived at the ICU, he was already on a ventilator,” he added.

Since then, the family has routinely monitored the health development of this jazz musician who was born in Bogor, West Java.

However, fate also said otherwise, Idang Rasjidi breathed his last on Saturday (4/12/2021) yesterday at around 23:53 WIB. Despite suffering from more than one disease, Shadu revealed that his biological father died of heart failure.

“After that, we continued to check, we took care of him, finally heart failure, so kidney failure, heart failure too,” he concluded.