“If you can’t hold it anymore, that’s the door. You’re losing face “

GF Vip, Alfonso Signorini against the Vpponi: «If you can no longer stand that is the door. If you continue like this you lose face “. No provision against Katia Ricciarelli or against Lulu. During the live on Friday 7 January the conductor wanted to make a speech to the whole house.

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Alfonso Signorini (courtesy of the Mediaset press office) enters the house of the Big brother Vip to scold the competitors after the quarrels of the last few days. The conductor first reads a statement

«As you know, Big Brother is a game of strategy, comparisons and discounts. But what we ask of you – says Signorini – is to maintain a limit made up of common sense and respect, especially for the public that follows us. We have heard unacceptable expressions, the words and aggressive tones often offensive used do not do honor to you or us who sent them on the air. It is impossible to tolerate your inability to listen to your interlocutor during confrontations and you do it with me too. The limit has been crossed, the GF asks you to acknowledge it and resume the spirit with which you started this adventure “

«Tonight – continues Signorini – I am here because I wanted to see you one by one, I wanted you very strongly, I was sure that together we would have a good adventure and we would have offered a good show. I no longer recognize that pact of trust that we signed, I felt the need to look at you. We made a premise, I do not want a gf with a big stick and aware to dispense lessons or disqualifications, I did not want to run into this kind of suffering anymore but tolerance requires intelligence ».

«Being tolerant requires judgment and I no longer find it: welcome, respect and listening. Hospitality is not in Katia’s words, respect is not in Lulù’s words, here on paper we are all the same but everyone is different. Everyone brings his suffering, his life, his work, this does not justify Ricciarelli to say bullshit, but to have respect even if he says bullshit. Lack of listening, when you talk to each other you don’t listen to me, you too Soleil talk to me above and you make me nervous. We listen to each other and avoid saying banalities. The face is lost by you and I who have chosen you, but I am not on the front line»

«If you realize you can no longer hold the facade – concludes SIgnorini – that is the door and go out. I say it for you»

Last updated: Saturday 8 January 2022, 10:02