“I’m not very fond of Gianmaria, but she kisses well”

That the house of the Big Brother being able to break out love is nothing new. Forced coexistence for 24 hours a day is an accelerator of emotions, as competitors often point out. And this cupid’s ability of the Cinecittà loft they have not even escaped Federica Calemme e Gianmaria Antinolfi. The passion with hot kisses that they did argue both inside the house, but also outside. But now the frost seems to have dropped.

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L’ex Inheritance professor, in the last few days she had been very attached to the Neapolitan entrepreneur. But their flirtation, in addition to having caused much discussion, especially for Gianmaria’s attitude, it seems to be winding down already. The entrepreneur had entered the house as a boyfriend, but immediately tried to mend relations with the former Soleil Sorge. Then it veered strongly on Sophie Codegoni and now on Federica Calemme and many viewers did not like her jumping from pole to branch.

But precisely with regard to the kisses arrived with the former Inheritance professor, Calemme told Giacomo Urtis that she had a flirt outside the house, but that she was not sentimentally committed. Then when the VIP surgeon asked for clarification on the relationship with Gianmaria, the beautiful Federica declared: “If the boy out should he give a signal or come here to tell me something I would think about it. I have let go for a while with Gianmy, also because he is very pressing, but for now we are 50 and 50. I take responsibility because I kissed him. And he kisses very well. With Gianmaria I am not very fond, but there is strong empathy between us. He is a person with whom I am fine, he is very sweet and sensitive, he is quite a gentleman. He has a lot of attention for me and so I let myself go ».

In the meantime Antinolfi has let her know of wanting to distance yourself until he understands and clarifies his feelings. Who knows if the two will be able to stay apart, or the passion will burst again.

Last updated: Tuesday 11 January 2022, 22:24