“I’m single. Giulia De Lellis and Belén Rodríguez? We are friends”

Andrea Iannone to Verissimo: «I’m single. Giulia De Lellis and Belén Rodríguez? We are friends”. First TV interview for the MotoGP champion, who with Silvia Toffanin, returns to comment on the sentence of the Arbitration Tribunal for Sport which suspended him for four years for doping in December 2019.

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“I lack speed, I can’t find what MotoGP gives me anywhere”. Like this Andrea Iannone, guest on Saturday 15 January in very true. Sulla suspended him for four years for doping, Iannone affirms: «I had already worked out and understood everything even before the outcome of the sentence. I have been bad and I have suffered a lot, but I have reacted pretty quickly by looking for motivation every day, from anything. I started taking it philosophically and looking around me at what life offered me and today I’m here ».

To Silvia Toffanin who asks him if he still believes in sporting justice, Iannone replies: «For 16 years I did checks and I have always tested negative for any type of substance. It was recognized that I did not take any substance voluntarily, but simply by eating a piece of meat at the restaurant, but it was not enough ».

In addition to his sporting successes, the MotoGP champion was in the spotlight for his chatted love stories with Giulia De Lellis and Belén Rodríguez: «Giulia lived with me when the catastrophe happened, my head was elsewhere, then the love vanished. I have very good relationships with her, we talk often and I love her. He showed me that he was there whenever I needed it ».

And he continues: «With Belen I have always had an excellent dialogue which has been our strength. I think I have brought love and good into his life. I came at a very complex time for her: she was separating and her marriage was over. I have always seen her suffer so much for this failure ».

Finally, when asked if there is a new woman in his life, Andrea concludes: “At the moment I’m not in love, but I’m fine like that.”

Last updated: Friday 14 January 2022, 16:18