I’m Sorry To Be The One To End Your Innocence, Flo

It must be very reassuring to go through the world with the certainty that the meritocracy works. That we all start from a millimetrically matched starting line towards the culmination of a destination marked by our natural gifts, as in popular tales, classic myths and movies of Disney. There are not many people who reach adulthood with this ideal intact, so when they stick their heads, it is a bit sad to break the bubble. Recently the comedian Florentino Fernandez has received a wave of reactions for some statements that go along these lines. On a recent interview with The world, Florentino – the charming Flo– said that the gender gap in comedy is not a question of sex but of talent. “No matter the sex or the race,” he started to comment, which at this point in the film, which is not from Disney, does not cause so much indignation as a certain perplexed blush.

It is deeply touching that certainty of Flo –Which only months ago raised another controversy by making jokes at the expense of mannerism and pen on Masterchef Celebrity– and of so many others who, like pure souls who have not faced the injustices of the world, insist that talent makes its way on its own. I feel bad waking you up from this dream of harmony and justice. And it also makes me a bit lazy, why not say so. Lalachus, one of the comedians of the moment, one of my favorites, he said yesterday in his stories of Instagram that he was going to invest all the necessary energy to intervene in the controversy about the supposed lack of talent of the comedians in going down to buy a Chococlack. It is nothing less than an ice cream with a chocolate bar inside, Lalachus’s wise decision. I understand and share his laziness: pointing out the usual inertias, sometimes one feels like handing out brochures in which he warns the staff that the water is wet. I hope you enjoy eating your ice cream much more than I did writing about it. Again.

I do not know where we continue to draw the strength to explain again from scratch that there are structural inertias that favor certain people and weigh down others. Some with mediocre talent are favored by a millennial crony, a solid network of complicity and mutual recognition, a tacit but powerful pact that leaves many people out. Others of notable talent are weighed down by prejudice, difficulties in moving in environments designed to belittle them, expel them, or simply never give them the opportunity. In this broth we have been swimming since we are born. The talent would suffice, FloBut the world is such an ugly place!

Florentino Fernandez poses next to a very talented comedian named Kristen Wiig.Photonoticias / WireImage

Being a woman in any industry that is predominantly male – and where it is they who decide what is funny, interesting, important, successful, valuable, profitable, epic, or worthy by their own standards – matters. Because those parameters, and here comes the true slap of reality, the end of innocence, they are not universal, they are masculine.

Although some parts of his interview have made me press a cushion so tightly against my face in pure embarrassment that now I look like a pug, I would not like to single out the poor man Flo, that’s not fair. But the confusion between “the people” and only them, “what is funny” and what is funny only to a few runs through his entire speech with such clarity that it makes an irresistible case study.

He says: “When I parody I don’t care if they are gays, blacks, Chinese, old men or children. Humor allows us to approach things that we do not know in a much more playful way ”. And a great critical and diverse human mass, of which I am part and on which Flo he had no news, he wonders: “But playful for whom?” I guess not for blacks, Chinese and gays.

He says: “The silliest absurdity, the poop fart ass pee, the guy who slips on a banana and falls. All those things always, always, always work and people get sick ”. And around here we wonder who are these people and how much are they like you?

He says: “We still don’t have the cultural capacity to laugh in public at certain things that we do get rid of in private with our colleagues.” And we do not need much imagination to guess what those jokes are and why they do not have too much travel outside the group of Whatsapp “Pachanga dominguera”

He says, “Nothing in life is so serious that you can’t make a joke.” And we come up with two thousand things at once.

Neither the context that measures talent is fair, nor is what has been understood by talent measurable in absolute terms, nor can “middle-class heterosexual white men” be used as a synonym for “people.” Please, someone convince these gentlemen to review their universals, someone turn on the living room lights so they can take a good look at the stalls and see who is still on the other side laughing at the jokes of ladybugs, farts and mothers-in-law and how much it looks like them.

I already passed. I’m going to get an ice cream.

Nerea Pérez is the creator and protagonist of the show ‘Feminism for clumsy‘and author of book of the same name, edited by Planeta. You can follow ICON on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or subscribe here to the Newsletter.