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Are you tired of hearing about “Squid Game” on Netflix? Think you know everything about the already cult series? You haven’t seen everything: in real life, the actors and actresses are unrecognizable… and ultra-handsome!

We have already talked a lot about Squid Game, it’s true. From the audience records that the South Korean series broke on Netflix, to these translation problems in the subtitles, not to mention the terrible games it inspired in the playgrounds… aufeminin, we also looked at the cast, which is undeniably talented. Jung Ho-yeon, Lee Jung-jae, Wi Ha-joon or Park Hae-soo are impressive in Squid Game. And if you haven’t heard of them before, the success of the Korean series is giving their careers international stature.

A visibility that reveals how unrecognizable they are in real life. So we stalked them on social networks and we took a closer look at where their careers were before the phenomenon. Squid Game. We tell you everything about the cast of the Netflix series!

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Wi Ha-joon : le sex symbol de “Squid Game”

Wi Ha-joon embodies the policeman who infiltrates the Squid Game. We don’t hide from you that we fell under his spell while watching the series… The 30-year-old South Korean actor is also a model. Despite his young age, Wi Ha-joon is already well known in South Korea. He has even been nominated for several film awards. The South Korean public has seen it in particular in the series Romance is a bonus book and in the movie Midnight.

Jung Ho-yeon: THE revelation of “Squid Game” on Netflix

Jung Ho-yeon clearly has nothing to envy to his male colleagues. With Squid Game, the model interprets her very first role in a series. And from the top of his 27 years, Jung Ho-yeon bursts the screen. The success of the television program made her career take off as she signed a contract with the Louis Vuitton brand. The class!

Lee Jung-jae: the class embodied in “Squid Game”

Lee Jung-jae has the bottle since he began his career in the early 90s. Passed by action films or historical productions such as The Face Reader, Squid Game marks her first role in a television series. From big to small screen, there is only one step.

Park Hae-soo: charisma at the service of Netflix

Certainly, we hate it in Squid Game. Park Hae-soo plays the main character’s childhood friend and, clearly, he has no morals. But if he annoys us so much, it’s because he’s undeniably a good actor. At 49, Park Hae-soo has a diverse career. The South Korean actor started out in theatre, then in film and television. Park Hae-soo can do it all!

Ju-Ryoung Kim: an unforgettable character in “Squid Game”

Ju-Ryoung Kim has gone unnoticed in Squid Game. The 45-year-old South Korean actress began her film career and eventually made television. Squid Game is not his first collaboration with Netflix since Ju-Ryoung Kim had appeared in the series The School Nurse Files in 2020.

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