«In the house, all fake couples. And Ricciarelli is recommended “

No brake for Jo Squillo. The activist e conductor Milanese, a guest on Radio Radio in the show It will not happen anymore, she returned to talk about Big Brother Vip 6, attacking many of the competitors still in the race. In his sights it’s over Katia Ricciarelli, with whom in the House he had several squabbles. It was not saved on either Gianmaria Antinolfi and Sophie Codegoni. According to Jo, “the couple” has created at the table a love story going in search of the fame, same strategy used by Alex Belli and Soleil. Sweet words instead for Manuel Bortuzzo and Lucrezia ‘Lulù’ Selassiè. And on the Ricciarelli, defined a competitor “favorite and, in quotation marks, registered mail “. It is not the first time that the Squillo thunders on the soprano. He also recalled that Pippo Baudo’s ex enjoys the comforts that no one else has at GF Vip, such as a personal room and shower.

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«Gianmaria and Sophie have set up agree per combine the love story, I do not master these things, that’s all fake», Says Jo disappointed from having discovered that both Antinolfi and Codegoni have organized la liaison: «When I noticed this stuff, it is me collapsed a world, I was disappointed. Those things you say: ‘But I can’t believe it!’. Good boy when I met him, then I realized he was really looking for fame and hunger ».

The singer also refers to Alex Belli-Soleil and says: “film script written by four hands ”, with the staging of a“ credible drama, done well ”.

Words of kindness instead for Lulù and Bortuzzo who really are found again and now they seem very close and convinced to give life to something serious. «Manuel is marvelous, he needed a pure person like Lulu. He needs her and she needs him. “

Last updated: Sunday 19 December 2021, 6:03 pm