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the film Matrix resurrection As licensed fans had expected, the sequel to the first film didn’t always live up to their expectations, and yet the story remains cult, and the excitement that goes with it. Trailer release I testify to it. Today we encourage you to discover a very popular new theory. Neil Patrick Harris, the new great evil of Saga..

Matrix resurrection

the film Matrix resurrection Directed only by Lana Wachowski, most of the plot is still quite a mystery, despite some theories about it. Keanu Reeves replays his role as Neo, And that Carrie-Anne Moss will take over Her role as Trinity..

Yahya Abdul-Mateen, Neil Patrick Harris, Jessica Henwick Took part in the casting, and now there are other rumors that Lambert Wilson will play again The role of the Merovingian dynasty, Or that Jada Pinkett Smith could play the role of Niobe. Right now, especially an actor, is a hot topic when several new employees join the cast. I am Neil Patrick Harris...

Neil Patrick Harris as the big bad of the film?

According to many fans, it’s entirely possible Neil Patrick Harris plays the villain in this new movie..In the words of Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith), this film is Matrix resurrection Attempts to locate the original Agent Smith have failed. This appearance could have been a cameo, supporting role, or major villain, but it isn’t. No weaving on board, Matrix Resurrection He is surely trying to replace Smith with another agent, and writing for that would be very interesting. Opponent who is completely opposed to Smith..That makes us exactly As Neil Patrick Harris..

The latter acts as a therapist in Matrix resurrectionAs you can see from the movie trailer, his job is to convince Thomas, also known as Neo, of this memory. Mechanical warfare The simulated prison is a pure invention of his brain. Therefore, the therapist provides Neo with a number of blue pills aimed at allaying his suspicions, Harris may just be a treatment program at the moment. Machine designedHowever, the character may be more important than you think. The first clue to this: Harris’ office has a bottle of blue pills, and the glasses Harris wears are dyed blue. However, matrix, It exists Human who knows the truth, But those who believe that humanity is better in the matrix. Therefore, the therapist can be a human trying to maintain the status quo between humans and machines. Those who want to erase Neo’s memories..

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Moreover, Harris has already proven in the past that he can play the role of an exemplary villain. As Count Olaf from The miserable adventure of the orphan Boderer, The actor certainly stood out, and he could be a symbolic villain with the exact same acting and qualities Saga matrix.. And what do you think of this theory? Please comment In the comments area, And to take our survey! And if you want to know more about the reaction that accompanies it Trailer release, Know that you have listed the best of the previous tweets.