“It has become an uncontrollable battlefield”

Five years after the creation of his page Facebook, the journalist Marino Bartoletti dice goodbye to his profile. To announce it is himself through a detailed post on his personal page.

«In the summer of 2016 I opened – we read – this page public with enthusiasm, seriousness, passion and desire to share, thinking of transferring my reflections, my feelings, my memories and that minimum if not of competence at least of experience gained in decades of work ».

In the post a few days ago, Bartoletti points out that although his page has been curated over time, the commitment was in vain.

“I certainly didn’t want to change the world: however, I hoped that my effort – sincere, disinterested and obviously open to all – would be a little more contagious in terms of civilization and the desire for mutual enrichment. In part I think I have succeeded – he continues – but unfortunately only in part. It is true, I have found many wonderful travel companions who have followed me in the spirit and pleasure of a fertile exchange. But I also found one pulp – at some point for me uncontrollable – of personages basically voted to unhappiness».

So, in the face of vulgar comments about his person and professionalism, he says: “I felt often unjust (if not heavily insulting) epithets only because, on the verge of endurance, every now and then I ‘allowed’ myself to reply to not very nice (or off topic) comments: as if I didn’t have the right. Perhaps you can try to defeat vulgarity (or at least ignore it) – the journalist still vents – but not the itch of wanting to appear at all costs in order to be opposed to bastian (and often the phenomena), but above all the very Italian ‘benaltrism’, the true tumor of all forms of constructive confrontation ».

Last updated: Friday 23 July 2021, 16:12