It was the day Prince William broke royal protocol because of Taylor Swift

Elizabeth II must still be afraid or, rather, be scandalized. Despite the passing years, the fact that his favorite grandson, the unpolluted Prince William having broken the current protocol is a stain that will not be erased. It was in November 2013 that the Queen of England’s eldest grandson did one of the things that shouldn’t be done in public for an older member of the Royal Family: sing.

the Prince William He is without a doubt one of the UK’s most respected, loved and admired aristocrats. He’s yet to get through his father’s reign, but he’s next and he’s already well prepared to wear the crown of the British throne. However, in 2013 the Duke of Cambridge had an attitude that is, in fact, more expected of people like his brother Harry.

This is because the Duke of Cambridge took the stage to sing along with Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi. Eight years ago, when the Winter White Gala For the benefit of Centrepoint, a homeless youth charity that William has long supported, he was responsible for introducing the guests. The gala, which took place at Kensington Palace, was attended by these two performers who were the only ones who managed to bring out the funny personality of Prince Charles’ eldest son.

However, the reason that led to Prince William making this decision to break protocol was not known until now. Recently in an interview for the podcast Time to walk for Apple, he recounted how Swift persuaded him to sing along with Bon Jovi Livin ‘on a Prayer. ” To this day I still don’t know what happened to me», Began the duke, laughing.

Then he added: “after Jon did her first song, there was a hiatus and she (Taylor Swift) turned to me. He put his hand on my arm, looked me in the eye and said, “Come on William, let’s sing‘». And, to everyone’s surprise, the Prince followed the American songwriter-performer without ever objecting to her decision. Of course, he did it without knowing the words at all.

« I was like, ‘Am I here singing this song that I don’t even know the lyrics well?’ Sometimes when they take you out of your comfort zone you have to push yourself anythingWere the exact words of the future king of the United Kingdom. Also Prince William assured that the fact that Taylor Swift He encouraged her was decisive, but it still made it clear the shame he still feels. ” Even now I’m ashamed of what happened next and I don’t understand why I gave in.“He said. And, truth be told, the one who will have influenced her shame is Elizabeth II herself because surely she will have scolded him.

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